Lipomassage 互動消脂緊膚療程

Lipomassage的原理來自對肥胖部位肌肉的一收一放,加快血液循環,將脂肪酸消耗。Lipomassage能夠先針對肥胖位置,然後燃燒頑固脂肪,消滅橙皮脂肪,改善身體線條。45分鐘Lipomassage療程等於2小時帶氧運動的皮膚血液循環 + 45分鐘消脂運動呢!

Lipomassage Sliming & Body Fat Reducing Treatment

Lipomassage is a scientifically proven solution for areas of fat retention, cellulite and loose skin without the down time and pain of invasive procedures.  The theory of Lipomassage is to activate the fat cell metabolism and develop the collagen and elastin under the skin