Liftmassage for Face



Liftmassage能刺激皮膚製造膠原蛋白有助調整﹑撫平﹑和緊緻妳的面部﹑眼部和頸部皮膚,更可改善包包面。對於皮膚問題:黑眼圈﹑眼袋﹑皺紋﹑乾枯﹑皮膚下垂 ﹑黑色素(黑斑, 老人斑) …都有顯著的改善。

Liftmassage Face Firming, Wrinkle Reducing & Anti-ageing Treatment

Liftmassage can perform a natural skin fitness workout to improve the facial fitness. The treatment helps to stimulate circulation to eliminate baggy eyes and dark circles; dry skin; and melanin skin pigment.  It can also reduce wrinkles and smooth the skin.